Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So we've moved..

I am almost embarrassed that it has been so long since I have posted anything! We got moved, we are still living with my parents. We have been looking for some property over here to buy but nothing has worked out yet. It hasn't been bad living here though, it seems like we are always all so busy that we don't notice it too much.

The summer went by way too fast! We didn't do a whole lot I guess. We went camping over the fourth, Brac spent a few days at the fair,  I worked, and spent the last week in Utah. That's our summer in a nutshell.

Brac cut his eye with a pocket knife trying to cut a bale string the week before school started and we ended up flying to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake for emergency surgery. He cut the lens and a little bit of the cornea. By the time they got him into surgery most of the fluid had leaked out of his eyeball so it was flat. They stitched it up in the surgery. Eric's Aunt Glennys, Aunt Lois, and sister Celeste all came to the hospital to see him while he was in recovery. Brac would just randomly sit up while he was trying to wake up from the surgery and look around and then flop back down. A little while after Celeste got there he sat up and stared at her for a minute and then said "hey Aunt Lessie." And she talked to him for a second and then he said "I got two pigs". She said oh yeah, what are you going to do with them? Brac sat there for a min and just looked at her and then said "Eat Um!" and flopped back down and went to sleep. It was soo funny! They let him out of the hospital that day but we couldn't leave Utah for a week because we had to go in to see the doctor every other day so they could check for infection. Eric had drove down that night and stayed until Thursday. The rest of his family from up here had gone down to Logan for Ty's baptism so we hung  out there for a few days. Eric's Mom brought us home. We go back to Salt Lake Sept. 21 and 22 for an appointment and they will take the stitches out of his eye. We are so thankful that Brac still has an eye, he is a very lucky little boy! It is amazing how fast things happen.

Volleyball season has started and has been fun so far. I will try to keep up a little better with this! Sorry no pictures..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yes we are moving.. On Thursday last week we found out that we had to be out of the house by May 14th. And yes that is only two weeks notice AH! I guess we kind of knew that there was a possibility that we would have to move, it was more of a matter of when and not if. There isn't much for rentals or houses to buy in Burlington so we are going to be living with my parents until we figure out what to do. We will try to get our house in Lovell on the market and then after if sells we can build on here but who know how that will go. I am sure my Mom is ready to freak out!! Hopefully we can all live together happily! Summer is usually a busy time so it shouldn't be too bad. 
This is what you see when you walk in the door at my house, none of them are full! I am having the worst time getting started packing. Kole and Breanne may drive me nuts while I try too!  I had better get back to it next week is coming way too fast!

This is usually how I find Kole by the time I get done exercising, poor thing!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Its Offical!

Well its official, Cailee is ENGAGED! She is getting married to Chris Haskell from Lovell. Which means time to crack down on losing some weight! I was doing really good until Kole was sick a majority of the last 3 months, its really hard to work out when he just sits there and cries. They are getting married June 18 so that gives me 11 weeks I think.. That also means its time to start shopping. I am dreading finding a dress to wear! We are really excited for them and happy to have Chris be a part of the family!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eric's Birthday / Easter

Eric was born March 26, 1979, so that makes him 31! HE IS OLD!! I had a little party for him on his birthday with just my family, we just had hamburgers but it was 9 before we ended up eating because our grill ran out of propane. We had a big party for him on Sunday with his siblings that live close and my parents, Lissa, and Cailee and Chris. I made BBQ Country Ribs, mashed potatoes, and salad. We had a nice dinner and good food. I am so thankful for Eric!

On Saturday we went over to my Grandma and Grandpa Cooks for an Easter Egg Hunt and lunch. The kids had a great time and the food was really good! Breanne was so funny she didn't want to pick up the Eggs that she didn't like the color of, she only wanted the pretty ones! I told her they all had treats in them and she had to give her empty eggs back anyway so the could do it again next year, so she was okay with that and didn't care what color they were anymore. Brac got to go out with the 5 and under group before the older kids he got tons of eggs! We had to shut him down early because his bucket was full in the first two min.
Brac and Breanne we so excited for the Easter bunny this year. I think this is the first time they have really been excited about it.  They weren't real excited about wearing their new church clothes so I could take a picture though.